Photos for the new year

It has been quite a while since I posted. The Christmas season is intense. Add to it a construction project in your house and it might just be too much.

We celebrated it 3 times this year. Once with the Duggers, once at home and once with the Smiths. The kids are convinced that another Christmas is just around the corner :).

We bought a wii for the kids this year. So far I am sure I have logged the most hours. I played boxing for ~3 hours for each of the first 3 nights we had it. And yes I was sore!

The attic is also about done. In fact I really need to start calling it the third floor. We passed the final inspection today. The only thing keeping us from moving the kids upstairs is the HVAC. It isn’t producing any heat (mad). But the project in all has turned out really good. I will be posting some pictures of it in the coming days.

I finally got around to processing pictures. The last time I sat down to do this was Dec 18! So go check-em out.

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