Short order chef

The other day Zack woke up and requested a sunny side up egg. Seems innocent enough. So I start to make him one, but I know that his definition of “sunny side up egg” includes bacon. So I make some bacon too. And I know Zoey will require an exact replica of Zack’s breakfast so I double all the orders.

While making the eggs and bacon I get another request: “apple with the skin grinded off please”. He asked so nicely… ok.

And while the eggs bacon and apple are in flight I also get a request for toast. One with jelly for Zack and one without for Zoey.

Breakfast went great. Zoey actually ate her sunny side up egg. Usually it goes mostly untouched, she just wants it because Zack has one, she actually prefers scrambled :).

And then the dreaded question: “Can I have desert?”. I have only been asked this question 1095 times in the last year (once for every meal: 3*365). And the answer is always the same: “We don’t eat desert after breakfast, lets wait till lunch.” This morning is a little different though, Zack gets creative. So instead he asks for another piece of toast. But with jelly, brown sugar, eggs and bacon on it. So just out of curiosity I make it for him. And he eats the whole thing! And he must have liked it because that night when I offered him either: ice cream, home made ├ęclair cake, popsicle or icy. He decided he wanted a piece of toast with brown sugar and skittles folded in have as a sandwich. He ate every last bite of that too.

I never knew my years in food service would be so handy :).

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