Lately Zack has been very interested in comets and planets. Carrie picked up a bunch of books at the library and Zack keeps asking for them. I think his favorite is about black holes. He likes to remind me that if we went to a black hole it would be a one way trip :)
Tonight when I was reading books to Zack he pointed to a planet in the solar system. “How lives there? Does anybody live there?”. After that he pointed to a planet and said we should go there. “We should go to Jupiter” (and it was Jupiter!). He had it all worked out. I told him that we would need a spaceship. To which he replied “Maybe an astronaut will let us borrow one?”. So I told him that it would take years to get there. “We could take pillows. And we could sleep through the night, and when we wake up we would be there”.


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