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ET Phone Home!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Tonight we had movie night and the whole family watched ET.
It was really neat to see each kids reaction.
Zoey was very in tune and explained to me how Eliot was trying to figure out what ET was and ET was trying to figure out what Eliot was.
Zack was very concerned when ET “died”. He is really quite sensitive at times.
Ziggy was beside himself. He likes to watch movies and has an amazing attention span. He also has a specific favorite seat. He sits on the couch right beside Zack. The other kids are lounging all over the couch, Zack on the top of the arm rests, Zayda smushing the pillows on the back but Ziggy… He sits straight up like a little man :).
He loved to make ET’s scream noise. The oddest part was his laughter. He was laughing out loud. And at the right times!!!?! I don’t think the other kids ever laughed out loud at movies until they were at least 4.
When ET was on the hospital bed Ziggy was saying “Alien, uh oh, Alien uh oh, Alien uh oh”. When I finally acknowledged this with “Yes ET is hurt but he will be ok” Ziggy replied with his trademark “huh” (which means yes).
Zayda loved it too but I didn’t get to hear all of her comments because she was chatting Carrie’s ear off :).