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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

After having three kids, each of them different, how am I surprised that the fourth one comes out different still?
Zack is very auditory, memorizing books, dinosaur names, whatever he is into. And his energy level is off the chart. His fine motor skills were not very good when he was a toddler but I think the NintendoDS fixed that. And now he is coming dangerously close to beating me at video games!
Zoey is very visual, observant and great with the fine motor skills. Where Zack will only talk about Bionicles or whatever toy he is currently collecting Zoey will have a full conversation about whatever is on your mind. She also has a amazing memory. This weekend I played memory match with her using 36 pairs (72 cards!). I was barely her match.
Zayda is our copycat. She wants to do everything she sees, and she sees too much :). She is the only one of my children that will eat anything spicy. She doesn’t like it, but she eats it anyway because I eat it.
Ziggy is an odd mix of the three. He has really good fine motor skills. He is waving and prefers to feed himself. But he is not as strong with the large motor skills. He is just now able to get himself into a sitting position and only last week he pulled up on a table for the first time. His attitude is closer to Zayda’s: wild. He loves to climb through our pop-up tunnel and likes to terrorize Zayda by chasing her in his walker (those wheels hurt!).
As I have watched my children grow I subconsciously tried to identify patterns and reasons for their traits. I tried to attribute them to their environment. That Zack is a first child or that Zoey is a girl. But each child breaks the previous patterns. Each child brings something with them, it is very cool :).