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Photo update

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I just processed a month full of pictures, go check-em out!

Some of my favorites:

Check-out the yellow sheen!

Yellow sheen

Yup… that is a T-bone:

The photo webserver lives again

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I finally got my webserver reconstructed. It now runs a Celeron 430 (conroe core) and 1G of ram. With this change I now have gigabit for all machines.

A Celeron 430 is a single core conroe and runs really cool. I have it running fanless with a Gemini II heatsink. It never goes above 30C :). But I still had to add a case fan to keep the 3 drives at a reasonable temperature.
I toyed around with either serving the web content from my windows box or running Zen for virtualization. In the end I could not bear the thought of not having a linux box running.

Insulated and sheetrocked

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

The attic is coming along. Last week they finished the insulation and we passed our inspection.

Early in this week they finished pulling all the low voltage cables (including one cat5 jack in Zoey’s new closet).

And today they started mudding the drywall they have put up. I cannot wait to get the old kids off of our floor! jk :)

Hot sauce

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Being a parent of 3.5 I am intrigued with what is nature and what is nurture. For example: neither Zoey nor Zack like spicy food. Zoey can take some flavor, but Zack frankly prefers relatively bland food. And neither of them can take any heat. Both Carrie and I love flavorful food. And I like food as hot as it gets. So what went wrong? Why do our kids like American cheese?!
Tonight at Torerro’s Zayda surprised me completely. She took a chip and dipped it into the salsa. Kids are copy cats and Zayda is more so then any of our other kids were, so this didn’t surprise me. But then she took the chip to her lips and gazed off into space. After a pause, she reached for the salsa again. And again, and again and was quite angry if at any time she could not reach the salsa. She was dipping chicken and quesadilla and everything else she could get her hands on. At one point she made some noises that sounded like her mouth might have been on fire but she recovered quickly.
So… is it nature? Is it nurture? I have no idea :)