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Attic is framed

Friday, November 30th, 2007

One week later much of the attic is already framed. It is getting much easier to visualize the final product.

I took Zack and Zoey up to check it out. They know full well that these are their new bedrooms. In fact, we spent the rest of the night arguing over who gets the “big closet”. I thought for sure the issue would be the “big room”. But it turns out the “big room” has the “little closet” and the closet is more important :). I guess this makes sense. Zack’s current closet is at least 6×8 and he plays in it all the time.

Oh well. I might have to resort to bribery.

Monsters in the attic

Monday, November 26th, 2007

On the 19th I wrote a great big check, and today I hear monsters. Or at least that is what Zack and Zoey call the workers who are finishing our attic.

With 3 kids and one on the way we ran out of bedrooms. Luckily our attic is large and has permanent stairs. We are adding two bedrooms and a bathroom. Everyone is very excited!

I let the smoke out…

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

After 15 years of dorking around with computers I finally did it. I let the magic smoke out and my server serves no more. All the data is safe, just fried the motherboard.

You should be able to access the blog, but all of the pictures are on my server.

New hardware is on order (Celeron 430, a 35 watt part!) so the pictures will be back on line soon.

Zayda’s new tricks

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Tonight I saw two things in Zayda that I have never seen before. The first was fear. Fear of a 5’6″ bird :). We went to Red Robin for dinner and she did not like the large Red bird!

When we got home she did something else I have never seen. She took her first steps. Without prompting, she let go and walked. One step, two times. I am pretty sure she could do more but I am scared enough of a crawling Zayda. A walking Zayda terrifies me :)