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Rubberbands and stuffed snakes

Friday, August 31st, 2007

It is amazing to watch how children’s minds work. Somehow Zack found out about snakes that are born with two heads. This has been his fixation lately. As with all things that interest Zack, he really wants to catch one!
But two headed snakes are hard to come by in the wild… So in the mean time he decided he would make his own. He took two of his many stuffed snakes and wrapped them together with rubber bands (his idea!). This was a great hit so he pulled out the rest of his stuffed snakes and for the rest of the night he bound them with rubber bands to form two-headed snakes :)

Trip to Armenia

Friday, August 31st, 2007

This month I spent two weeks in Armenia for business. The weather was surprisingly like NC this time of year. The people were very welcoming and for the most part I enjoyed my stay.

The low point of the trip was Air France loosing my luggage for 5 days. I was staying at probably the nicest hotel in Yerevan but ended up washing my clothes in the bathtub and drying them with the hair dryer!

The high point of the trip was sight seeing at some truly ancient churches. I also really enjoy the food. I learned that Khinkali must be chased with beer and that pancakes are tasty with meat (Blinchiki).
Tonight I got bogged down tying rubber bands around stuffed snakes and trying to repair a 12 channel amplifier. But I hope to post pictures from my trip soon.