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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Lately Zack has been very interested in comets and planets. Carrie picked up a bunch of books at the library and Zack keeps asking for them. I think his favorite is about black holes. He likes to remind me that if we went to a black hole it would be a one way trip :)
Tonight when I was reading books to Zack he pointed to a planet in the solar system. “How lives there? Does anybody live there?”. After that he pointed to a planet and said we should go there. “We should go to Jupiter” (and it was Jupiter!). He had it all worked out. I told him that we would need a spaceship. To which he replied “Maybe an astronaut will let us borrow one?”. So I told him that it would take years to get there. “We could take pillows. And we could sleep through the night, and when we wake up we would be there”.


They are always listening!

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

This Christmas I tried to get the kids involved in gift giving. So I asked Zack and Zoey what they thought Mommy would like for Christmas.

Zack’s reply was “coffee!”. I was impressed.

Zoey’s reply was “toys!”… well maybe next year :)

So a couple weeks passed and I finally took the kids to go buy gifts for Carrie. I was walking down the isle in Target and grabbed a bag of Starbucks French Roast and handed it to Zack. “Maybe you should get mommy this one, it is her favorites”. At first Zack looked confused and asked what kind it was. Before I could answer he perked up with a huge smile and asked: “Is it grande half-caf?”.

At 3 1/2 Zack can speak Starbucks better then I can :)