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Gone fishin’

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

This weekend Carrie got the idea that we should go fishing. I wasn’t so sure I could explain to Zack or Zoey exactly why daddy was putting a hook through a worm or cricket… To which Carrie said we should use corn. Corn? Corn? What on earth will we catch with corn? Whatever!

So, we pack up the kids and head off to Walmart with corn in hand to buy a new fishing rod (we needed a second small rod so each kid could have their own). We end up buying a ~5 foot pole with a mini zebco reel which I thought would be the perfect size for Zack. And I thought if we bought a Zebco he might be able to cast it.

We then drove over to Lake Pine and found a good place on the bank to setup camp. I thought the kids might make it 15mins. So all I brought was a single rod, bread for ducks, and … corn. I make the first cast and sit down with Zack to talk about how it works. That we watch the bobber, and when it goes under we get to reel the fish in! Zack makes it about 5 mins watching the bobber and then he is off feeding ducks with Zoey and Carrie. Right after he leaves bobber goes under. I set the hook and turn to call Zack to reel it in. But the line just starts zipping out of the reel! Whatever I hooked was taking off! I get Zack over and he does battle with it for a while. Whenever we get it close to the shore it takes off again, stripping out 10+ feet of line. I thought for sure the fish was going to break off. The pole was doubled over and it was running straight for a bunch of sunken timber. But eventually Zack and I win and we get the fish to the shore. It was a catfish. It was probably close to 1.5 feet long! We held him by the bank for a while so the kids could see and then luckily it managed to shake itself off. I didn’t even know if the line could hold the fish to pick it up!
We ended up fishing for about 45 minutes. We also caught one “baby” catfish that Zoey helped Carrie reel in. We had a blast!
Corn… who would have thought?