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Zack “dives”

Monday, July 10th, 2006

We spent the fourth of July weekend in Charlotte. While there we went with the Kupfer’s to thier pool. Logan is quite the fish. He swims all over the place. This really got Zack interested in swimming again.

I have been trying to get him to put his head under (or even really near water) for about the last year. But seeing Logan do it was what it took. This last weekend he started going under the water. No prompting necessary. He just wanted to do it himself. So we went and bought a bunch of dive toys and he has been diving for them all weekend :)

He dosn’t quite have the nack yet of kicking to get down to the bottom (he tries, but isn’t very efficient). But he gets the idea and throws himself to the bottom of the pool. He only gets one chance to grab the toy on the bottom though, because he imediately floats right back up to the top :)

Here are some pictures.