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Photo server down :(

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Ziggy has an uncanny way of finding the power buttons on everything he touches. His last victim was the UPS that the photo web server uses. And unfortunately the machine will not come back up. Gr… for those counting this is the second machine he has killed in his brief 16 month life :)

But fear not, I will be rebuilding it this week.

The photo webserver lives again

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I finally got my webserver reconstructed. It now runs a Celeron 430 (conroe core) and 1G of ram. With this change I now have gigabit for all machines.

A Celeron 430 is a single core conroe and runs really cool. I have it running fanless with a Gemini II heatsink. It never goes above 30C :). But I still had to add a case fan to keep the 3 drives at a reasonable temperature.
I toyed around with either serving the web content from my windows box or running Zen for virtualization. In the end I could not bear the thought of not having a linux box running.

I let the smoke out…

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

After 15 years of dorking around with computers I finally did it. I let the magic smoke out and my server serves no more. All the data is safe, just fried the motherboard.

You should be able to access the blog, but all of the pictures are on my server.

New hardware is on order (Celeron 430, a 35 watt part!) so the pictures will be back on line soon.

Two months behind

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

It seems I am a whole two months behind posting pictures. I have been busy with kids, taxes, work and fiddling with OTA HD reception for our huge new TV :) (check out my new antenna!). But tonight I finaly got a free moment to go through the backlog.

Head on over to 2007 and check it out, it is all new. We have picures of Brancella’s, Stevenson’s, and of course plenty of Ganzhorn’s. We also have some pictures of Zayda in the buff!


Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Lately Zack has been very interested in comets and planets. Carrie picked up a bunch of books at the library and Zack keeps asking for them. I think his favorite is about black holes. He likes to remind me that if we went to a black hole it would be a one way trip :)
Tonight when I was reading books to Zack he pointed to a planet in the solar system. “How lives there? Does anybody live there?”. After that he pointed to a planet and said we should go there. “We should go to Jupiter” (and it was Jupiter!). He had it all worked out. I told him that we would need a spaceship. To which he replied “Maybe an astronaut will let us borrow one?”. So I told him that it would take years to get there. “We could take pillows. And we could sleep through the night, and when we wake up we would be there”.


Gone fishin’

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

This weekend Carrie got the idea that we should go fishing. I wasn’t so sure I could explain to Zack or Zoey exactly why daddy was putting a hook through a worm or cricket… To which Carrie said we should use corn. Corn? Corn? What on earth will we catch with corn? Whatever!

So, we pack up the kids and head off to Walmart with corn in hand to buy a new fishing rod (we needed a second small rod so each kid could have their own). We end up buying a ~5 foot pole with a mini zebco reel which I thought would be the perfect size for Zack. And I thought if we bought a Zebco he might be able to cast it.

We then drove over to Lake Pine and found a good place on the bank to setup camp. I thought the kids might make it 15mins. So all I brought was a single rod, bread for ducks, and … corn. I make the first cast and sit down with Zack to talk about how it works. That we watch the bobber, and when it goes under we get to reel the fish in! Zack makes it about 5 mins watching the bobber and then he is off feeding ducks with Zoey and Carrie. Right after he leaves bobber goes under. I set the hook and turn to call Zack to reel it in. But the line just starts zipping out of the reel! Whatever I hooked was taking off! I get Zack over and he does battle with it for a while. Whenever we get it close to the shore it takes off again, stripping out 10+ feet of line. I thought for sure the fish was going to break off. The pole was doubled over and it was running straight for a bunch of sunken timber. But eventually Zack and I win and we get the fish to the shore. It was a catfish. It was probably close to 1.5 feet long! We held him by the bank for a while so the kids could see and then luckily it managed to shake itself off. I didn’t even know if the line could hold the fish to pick it up!
We ended up fishing for about 45 minutes. We also caught one “baby” catfish that Zoey helped Carrie reel in. We had a blast!
Corn… who would have thought?

10lb’s 11oz

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Last Friday a brown truck dropped of 10lb’s 11oz of joy. I bought a used Canon 1D. It is a monsterous camera which weighs well over 3lbs with lens and battery. It shoots at 8fps and you could probably hammer nails with the frame.

At any rate, I love it. The viewfinder is huge and (compared to my old camera). You can actually tell if your subject is in focus! There is no shutter lag. And the autofocus really works!
So I have been having alot of fun this weekend playing with my new toy. Check out the new galleries:

Oh, by the way, anyone want to buy a 300D?



Monday, August 7th, 2006

Ok, so you cannot get on the diving board until I am in the water ok?

Alright, one sec…

Ok, now all you have to do is !SPLASHHHH!… er jump :)

Zack goes to vacation bible school

Monday, June 26th, 2006

While I was in Armenia Zack had his first religious encounter. He went to Cole’s church for vacation bible school. He really enjoyed it. In fact he breaks out in song at least once a day :)

He also has had some interesting questions for us. I think the best one was a conversation with Carrie that I unfortunately did not get to hear first hand:

Zack: Is God dead?

Carrie: No, he is not dead.

Zack: Well then can we have him over for dinner?

Carrie: Well… no he lives in Heaven.

Back from Armenia

Monday, June 26th, 2006

I am back from Armenia! I spent the last two weeks working in Armenia trying to put out as many fires as possible. I love the food there, but I must admit that on the way home I drooled over McDonalds just for it’s sense of familiarity :)

I took a couple photos there. I also have some backlog of garden and family photos. Stay tuned, I hope to have them posted soon!