Working through backlog of photos

January 11th, 2010

I have been a little swamped with Christmas and the new year. Looking back through my files I see I owe you guys pictures from as far back as July 31! It may take me a couple days to make it through them all and they may come in random order but I will get there :)

Happy New Year!

ET Phone Home!

September 25th, 2009

Tonight we had movie night and the whole family watched ET.
It was really neat to see each kids reaction.
Zoey was very in tune and explained to me how Eliot was trying to figure out what ET was and ET was trying to figure out what Eliot was.
Zack was very concerned when ET “died”. He is really quite sensitive at times.
Ziggy was beside himself. He likes to watch movies and has an amazing attention span. He also has a specific favorite seat. He sits on the couch right beside Zack. The other kids are lounging all over the couch, Zack on the top of the arm rests, Zayda smushing the pillows on the back but Ziggy… He sits straight up like a little man :).
He loved to make ET’s scream noise. The oddest part was his laughter. He was laughing out loud. And at the right times!!!?! I don’t think the other kids ever laughed out loud at movies until they were at least 4.
When ET was on the hospital bed Ziggy was saying “Alien, uh oh, Alien uh oh, Alien uh oh”. When I finally acknowledged this with “Yes ET is hurt but he will be ok” Ziggy replied with his trademark “huh” (which means yes).
Zayda loved it too but I didn’t get to hear all of her comments because she was chatting Carrie’s ear off :).

Photo server down :(

August 9th, 2009

Ziggy has an uncanny way of finding the power buttons on everything he touches. His last victim was the UPS that the photo web server uses. And unfortunately the machine will not come back up. Gr… for those counting this is the second machine he has killed in his brief 16 month life :)

But fear not, I will be rebuilding it this week.

Pictures updated and Zack’s first tooth!

May 8th, 2009

I added 2 months of photos including birthdays, Easter with the Smith’s and also a gallery of Zack loosing his first tooth!

I was brushing his teeth in the bath tub and he ended up spitting it out in a cup without even knowing it :). Be sure to check out the video. I bought a small solid state 720p video camera and have been getting much more use out of it than I ever did from tapes. Beware though the video is ~34M.

Ziggy’s first step

March 8th, 2009

Ziggy has not been the most athletic of our kids. But just this week when I set him down he wants to be on his feet. Not sitting down. This morning when I let go he stood there for a second… and slowly took his first step (right foot forward :)).

Kid musings

January 21st, 2009

After having three kids, each of them different, how am I surprised that the fourth one comes out different still?
Zack is very auditory, memorizing books, dinosaur names, whatever he is into. And his energy level is off the chart. His fine motor skills were not very good when he was a toddler but I think the NintendoDS fixed that. And now he is coming dangerously close to beating me at video games!
Zoey is very visual, observant and great with the fine motor skills. Where Zack will only talk about Bionicles or whatever toy he is currently collecting Zoey will have a full conversation about whatever is on your mind. She also has a amazing memory. This weekend I played memory match with her using 36 pairs (72 cards!). I was barely her match.
Zayda is our copycat. She wants to do everything she sees, and she sees too much :). She is the only one of my children that will eat anything spicy. She doesn’t like it, but she eats it anyway because I eat it.
Ziggy is an odd mix of the three. He has really good fine motor skills. He is waving and prefers to feed himself. But he is not as strong with the large motor skills. He is just now able to get himself into a sitting position and only last week he pulled up on a table for the first time. His attitude is closer to Zayda’s: wild. He loves to climb through our pop-up tunnel and likes to terrorize Zayda by chasing her in his walker (those wheels hurt!).
As I have watched my children grow I subconsciously tried to identify patterns and reasons for their traits. I tried to attribute them to their environment. That Zack is a first child or that Zoey is a girl. But each child breaks the previous patterns. Each child brings something with them, it is very cool :).

Santa Clause

December 24th, 2008

So tonight I was talking to Zack about Christmas and said something about Santa Clause and Zack said, “anyway I already know Santa isn’t real.  It’s Jesus who brings all those presents.  Besides how could Santa get to every ones house all in one night.”  It was all I could do not to laugh or smile….if only the innocence would last.


July 7th, 2008

Tomorrow is a very odd day for me. My oldest son Zack has his first day of school. I have fleeting memories of my first school. A big building with linoleum tile floors, cinder block walls and lots of challenges :). I also have a vague memory of what might be my first trip to school. Driving up in the parking lot behind Moore school with the oak trees towering above and the concrete walkway that led to the back of the institutional looking building.
So far Zack seems to be taking it in stride. Today he showed his first sign of worry. Carrie asked him if he was excited about school tomorrow. He responded “I am a little scared.”. When asked why he was scared his answer was that he was afraid he would not be able to buckle himself on the school bus :). We assured him that school buses did not have seat belts. Odd isn’t it? Zack called us on that too :)

Ziggy Douglas Ganzhorn

March 24th, 2008

At 3:12pm on March 23rd of 2008 we welcomed the birth of Ziggy Douglas Ganzhorn.

We loved him immediately :)

7lb 1.5oz and 19″

I have posted two galleries of our new son:

Attic? Nope third floor!

January 23rd, 2008

I think tomorrow may be the last day that Lynn’s group works on our third floor. You really cannot call it an attic anymore.

Overall I am very happy with how it turned out. The finish could be better, but the design work is excellent! (thanks Lynn!)

I am excited about this coming weekend. We will probably have the kids moved in by then. This may be the first time in my life I have been looking forward to moving furniture.

Here are some pictures of the rooms (2 bedrooms and 1 bath) before we muck it all up with our stuff :)